I resigned. Now what?//Renuncié. ¿Y ahora?

Welcome! You’re officially a part of my “Read Read Read and I promise you’ll learn Spanish” experiment (whether you like it or not). I’ll be writing a post to explain this in more detail with all sorts of academic references to support my methods, but for now, just trust me. Before we get started: Promise…

3 weeks down. 33 to go.

Maybe it’s not exactly 33, but I did a quick count looking at the school calendar, and that’s the number I counted up to. I don’t think there is a teacher in the United States who will disagree with me when I say that this year is by far the most challenging year I’ve ever…

Langauge Education

A wealthy, but sad, dolphin from one of my middle school classes

LGBTQIA+ Advocacy

My pup, Samantha, on location while shooting an episode for Kelly’s Quest.