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Private Classes

I teach Spanish, Portuguese, and English to students aged 0-100. You are never too old (or young!) to start your language journey. I teach using a conversational style that allows students to naturally acquire language just like they learned their first language.

We will learn about each other’s interests, talk about the things going on in our lives and the world, and share our opinions and experiences with each other. Additionally, If you have an interest in learning about culture, history, politics, or music, I’m overjoyed to incorporate these topics into our classes.

I am happy to teach remotely or in-person, pending COVID-19 exposure/risks.

My rates start at $50/hour for online instruction–additional costs will be added for in-person instruction to take into account transportation costs. Discounts available for multiple students per class.

Teacher Coaching

Are you a language teacher who is tired of teaching verb conjugations? Are you looking for a way to organically teach a new language to your students that engages them in the target language from day one? Would you like to reduce your prep time as much as possible so you can focus on providing the best class possible while ensuring you have time outside of class to take care of YOU?

Contact me to for a free 15 minute consultation to see if working with me is the right choice for your practice (spoiler: it is!) I have lead coaching sessions for districts, non-profits, and departments. I have also worked with individual teachers to help them to develop their own unique practice.

My teaching background includes working with students with social and anxiety disorders as well as learning disabilities both in and outside of the language classroom. I focus on helping teachers embrace strategies that include all students regardless of their perceived (dis)ability.

Contact me!

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